Augmented Reality - Education

Augmented Reality ColoringAugmented Reality

Krazio's Ar Coloring, Utilizing Ar Unity And Vuforia, Serves Children And Educational Institutions. Educational Technology Companies, Toy Manufacturers, And Publishers Use This Solution To Offer Interactive Learning Experiences. With The Ar Coloring Application, Kids Bring Their Drawings To Life In 3d, Fostering Engagement And Creativity As They Interact With Their Creations.

Ar - Unity
Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality Dino DiggerAugmented Reality

Krazio's Ar Dino Digger, Developed Using Ar Unity And Vuforia, Targets Children And Educational Institutions. Museums, Educational Toy Companies, And Interactive Learning Centers Utilize This Solution To Create Engaging Exhibits And Educational Programs About Dinosaurs. With Dino Digger, Users Can Virtually Excavate Dinosaur Bones And Learn About Different Species, Making Learning About Dinosaurs Fun And Interactive For Children And The General Public.

Ar - Unity
Virtual Reality In Real-estate

Vr Real Estate VisualizationVirtual Reality

Krazio's Vr Real Estate Visualization, Utilizing Vr Unity And Vuforia, Targets Homebuyers And Real Estate Agents. Real Estate Agencies And Property Developers Utilize This Solution To Showcase Properties In A Realistic 3d Visualization Format, Aiding Potential Buyers In Decision-making. With The Beverly Golf Avenue Real Estate Application, Homebuyers Can Explore Apartments And The Entire Site In An Immersive Way, Enhancing Their Property Purchasing Process.

Vr - Unity
Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality Solar SystemAugmented Reality

Krazio's Ar Solar System, Developed With Ar Unity And Vuforia, Caters To Students And Educational Institutions. Schools, Educational Technology Firms, And Science Museums Utilize This Solution To Provide An Interactive Learning Experience About The Solar System. With Ar Cards Displaying Planet Images And Detailed Information On-screen, Kids Can Explore And Learn About Astronomy In An Engaging Virtual Environment.

Ar - Unity
Immersive Virtual Reality For Museums

Virtual Reality Castle TourVirtual Reality

Krazio's Vr Castle Tour, Developed With Vr Unity, Caters To Museums And Cultural Heritage Organizations. This Immersive Virtual Reality Experience Allows Users To Explore Historical Castles, Learn Their History, And Engage In Interactive Activities Like Arrow Shooting Using Vr Gear. Museums Utilize This Solution To Create Educational Exhibits, Providing Visitors With A Unique And Engaging Way To Experience History.

Vr - Unity
Interactive Training Environment

Vr Industrial TrainingVirtual Reality

Krazio's Vr Industrial Training, Built With Vr Unity, Provides A Realistic And Interactive Training Environment For Industrial And Manufacturing Sectors. Industry And Factory Owners, As Well As Gamification Companies, Use This Solution To Enhance Employee Training. Employees Wear Vr Headsets To Perform Tasks In A Virtual Factory, Receiving Feedback And Scores To Improve Their Skills And Efficiency.

Vr - Unity
Virtual Tour Experience For Real-estate

Virtual Reality Real EstateVirtual Reality

Krazio's Vr Real Estate, Developed With Vr Unity, Provides An Immersive Virtual Tour Experience For Homebuyers And Real Estate Developers. Real Estate Agencies, Property Developers, And Architectural Firms Use This Solution To Allow Potential Buyers To Explore Properties In Detail From Anywhere, Enhancing The Home Buying Process.

Vr - Unity
Smart Room XR Experience

Ulterioroom Smart Room Xr ExperienceVirtual Reality

Krazio's Ulterioroom Smart Room Xr Experience, Built With Vr Unity, Creates An Interactive Learning Environment For Educational Technology Companies, Schools, Preschools, And Museums. This Solution Enhances Engagement By Triggering Themed Videos Based On The Posters Kids Stand On, Making Education More Immersive And Fun.

VR For Industrial

Virtual Reality - Training Industrial Employee'Virtual Reality

Krazio's Vr Training, Developed With Vr Unity, Offers An Immersive And Interactive Environment For Industrial Training And Manufacturing. Ideal For Industry And Factory Owners, As Well As Gamification Companies, This Solution Helps Enhance Employee Training Programs By Providing Realistic Task Simulations, Performance Reviews, And Scoring.

Vr - Unity
VR In Education

Virtual Reality Solar SystemVirtual Reality

Krazio's Vr Solar System Uses Vr Unity To Create A Virtual Reality Experience That Showcases The Entire Solar System With Detailed Information. Designed To Make Learning About Astronomy Fun And Interactive, It Is Perfect For Game-based Education Professionals, Schools, And Preschools, Targeting Students And Educational Institutions.

Vr - Unity
Fashion & Style

Ethenic EmporiumUi/ux Designing

Using Figma, We Created Wireframes For An Indian Fashion Brand's Online Store Specializing In Traditional Dresses. This User-friendly Platform Simplifies Online Shopping, Showcasing Exquisite Collections And Ensuring A Seamless Purchase Experience For Customers.

Wire Framing

MindwaveUi/ux Designing

Using Figma, Wireframing, We Developed An Application That Tracks Daily Routines And Aids In Meditation, Boosting Productivity By 60%. This Intuitive App Helps Users Manage Their Schedules And Enhance Mindfulness, Leading To A More Balanced And Efficient Lifestyle.

Skincare E-commerce Platform

Awear BeautyWebsite Development

Using Woocommerce, Awear Beauty Developed A Vegan, Clean Skincare E-commerce Platform. Their Products Blend Botanical And Scientific Ingredients, Tailored For The Indian Climate And Skin Cell Structure, To Promote A Soft, Glowing Complexion. Awear Beauty Aims To Debunk Skincare Myths And Raise Awareness.

Verification Solution

Accura ScanWebsite Development

Using Codeigniter, Accura Scan Developed A Seamless User Verification Solution. This Fintech And Regtech Company Offers An Ai-based Onboarding Platform With No Code Ai, Api, And Sdk Technology, Reducing Transaction Friction And Integrating Smoothly Across All Platforms Globally.

Exporter of Corn Starch

Everest Starch India Pvt. LtdWebsite Development

Using Wordpress And Custom Development, Everest Starch Presents Its Comprehensive Product Line And Global Reach. Established In 2014, Everest Starch Excels In Producing Various Types Of Modified Starch And Sweeteners, Supplying Over 20 Countries With Certified, High-quality Products.

Wordpress + Custom Development
Education Eco-system

Sunbeam Fostering AgencyWebsite Development

Using Wordpress With Custom Development, Sunbeam Showcases Their Extensive Fostering Services. Established In 2000, Sunbeam Now Operates Across London, The Midlands, And Home Counties, Supporting Over 600 Children With 450+ Foster Carers. Trusted By Numerous Local Authorities, Their Dedicated Team Ensures Top-notch Foster Care.

Wordpress + Custom Development
Reimagine a Dining Experience.

Find Local, Black-owned Eats!Application Development

Using Flutter Technology, Eatokra Revolutionizes Dining By Linking Over 500,000 Food Enthusiasts With Chefs, Culinary Innovators, And Restaurants, Offering A Fresh Perspective On The Dining Experience.

React Native
Ship Spares & Machinery

Able Marine ServicesWebsite Development

Specializing In Woocommerce Technology, Able Marine Services Offers Top-quality Ship Spares And Machinery. With A Focus On Reliability And Efficiency, We Provide New, Used, And Refurbished Equipment Sourced From Asia’s Largest Ship Recycling Yard. Our Commitment To Excellence Ensures Prompt Service And Customer Satisfaction.

Automobile Company

Everest TechnocastWebsite Development

Combining Custom Design With Wordpress, Everest Technocast Ensures Top-notch Quality In Products, Processes, And Services. Our Commitment To Global Quality Standards Empowers Us To Deliver Excellence At Every Step.

Wordpress + Custom Development
Recycling Pioneers Company

Hulladek RecyclingWebsite Development

Utilizing The Power Of Codeigniter And Mysql, Hulladek Recycling Pioneers Waste Management In India. Licensed By The Central Pollution Control Board, We Offer Comprehensive Services Compliant With E-waste Management Rules 2022. From Collection To Certification, We Handle Electronic Waste Responsibly Nationwide.

Codeigniter + Mysql
Traditional Website

MitticoolWebsite Development

Revive The Age-old Tradition Of Cooking With Earthenware With Mitticool. Our Woocommerce Platform Offers A Range Of Clay Products, From Pots To Utensils, Harnessing The Natural Benefits Of Clay. Experience The Nutritional Value And Enhanced Flavors While Preserving Indian Culture In The Modern Era.

Skincare Solutions

Tbh KidsWebsite Development

Say Goodbye To Confusing Product Labels And Hello To Clean, Pronounceable Ingredients! Our Shopify E-commerce Site Offers Skincare Solutions Free From Harsh Chemicals And Allergens. Experience The Magic Of Murumuru Butter And Chamomile For Glowing, Grease-free Skin. Results Worth Talking About!

Cultural Event Application

Incredible Navratri MahotsavApplication Development

Incredible Navratri Mahotsav Brings The Festive Spirit Of Navratri To Your Fingertips With A Mobile App Built On Flutter Technology. Join Us As We Celebrate Tradition, Unity, And Joy At The Navratri Event In Rajkot. Experience The Magic Of Navratri Like Never Before!

Cultural Website

Incredible Navratri MahotsavWebsite Development

A Website Which Is Developed In Wordpress Gives The Experience The Essence Of Navratri At Incredible Navratri Mahotsav! Join Us In Rajkot (india) For A Celebration Of Music, Dance, And Tradition. Our Mission Is To Unite Communities And Create Lasting Memories. Come, Be A Part Of This Vibrant Festival!

Wordpress + Custom Development
School ERP software

AcadezyWebsite Development

A Website Built Using Core Php And Laravel, Our School Erp Software Is A Reliable, Cloud-based System. It's Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Educational Institutions Like Schools, Colleges, And Academies. With Advanced Modules, It Digitizes Regular Processes, Ensuring Security, Reliability, And User-friendliness. This Software Streamlines Operations, Saving Time And Providing A Comprehensive History Of Actions.

Astrology Predictions Application

Astrology Application WireframeUi/ux Designing

A Wireframe Designed In Figma For An Astrology Mobile Application. It Offers Online Astrology Predictions From Top Astrologers In India, Providing Answers To All Your Concerns.

British Automobile Racing Club

BarcWebsite Development

A Php-developed Website For The British Automobile Racing Club, A Prominent Motorsport Organization In The Uk With Over A Century Of History. Organizing 35+ Championships And 60+ Race Meetings Annually, It Began In 1912 As The Cyclecar Club, Evolving Into The Junior Car Club In 1919. After World War Ii, It Merged With The Brooklands Automobile Racing Club, Becoming The British Automobile Racing Club In 1949. Based At Goodwood Circuit Post-wwii, It Later Shifted To Thruxton Circuit In 1974.

Wordpress + Custom Development
Health & Care

Fairy Tales Hair CareWebsite Development

An Ecommerce Project Built In Shopify For The Bestselling Kids’ Line Of Salon-quality Hair Care Products In The Usa. Originating From The Fairy Tales Hair Salon In Ny In 1999, The Journey Began With The Development Of The First Version Of Rosemary Repel Shampoo To Combat Rampant Head Lice On Long Island.

Event Booking Website

GecetixWebsite Development

A Custom Php Mvc Website Facilitates Online Concert Booking And Ticketing, Supporting Both German And English Languages. Users Can Seamlessly Book Concerts And Tickets Online, Enjoying A User-friendly Experience In Their Preferred Language.

Custom Mvc In Php
A Kids Gaming

Kidzu GameWebsite Development

A Codeigniter Project For Kidzu, An Entertaining Educational App For Kids. Parents Can Track Progress, Customize Learning, And Explore Achievements. Kidzu Covers Various Subjects, Making Learning An Adventure With Colorful Graphics And Engaging Gameplay. Say Goodbye To Textbooks And Hello To Interactive Learning!

Codeigniter + Mysql
Ecommerce Mobile Application

Kova FoodsApplication Development

A Beautiful Flutter Application Developed For An African Food Company Dedicated To Delivering Top-quality Foods And Delicacies. The Company Prioritizes Customer Care, Ensuring The Provision Of Whole Foods Alongside Excellent Service And A Great Overall Experience.

Dynamic Ecommerce

KirraWebsite Development

A Laravel Project Developed For Kirra, An Australian-owned Family Business Now In Its Second Generation. Run By Jakob Mohr, Katharina Mohr, Sarah Jobst, And Bernhard Jobst, Kirra Employs Nearly 40 Team Members And Is Expanding To A New Site By The End Of 2021. Kirra Honors The Traditional Custodians Of The Land, Reflecting Its Name Meaning "leaf/dancing Leaf" Or "beautiful Woman/to Live" In Aboriginal Nations.

A Ecommerce Website For Jewellers

Giriraj JewellersWebsite Development

A Laravel Project Delivered Successfully For Giriraj Jewellers, Established In Indore In 1956. Offering Traditional And Contemporary Jewelry In Gold, Diamonds, And Precious Stones, Giriraj Jewellers Is Led By The Third Generation. They Blend Local Tastes With A Commitment To Trust And Quality, Handcrafted By In-house Artisans.

Creative Website For AR/VR IT Company

InceptionxWebsite Development

A Php And Laravel Project For Inceptionx, Revolutionizing Brand Engagement Since 2015. Utilizing Cutting-edge Technologies Like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Ai, Gesture Control, Multi-touch, Holographic Projections, And Smart Simulations, Inceptionx Reshapes Interactivity And Creativity In Brand-audience Connections.

Creative Website

Gradient Beverages LlpWebsite Development

A Highly Creative Website Built With Laravel And Core Php For Lucid Vodka. It Promises An Unparalleled Clarity Experience, Offering A Smooth, Refreshing Taste From Locally Sourced Ingredients. Crafted With Meticulous Distillation, Lucid Vodka Delights The Senses, Perfect Neat, On The Rocks, Or In Cocktails.

Website For Royal Palace

Gondal PalaceWebsite Development

A Wordpress Project Allows Users To Book Rooms In Riverside Palace. Built In The 1880s For The Crown Prince Of Gondal, This Colonial-style Heritage Hotel Features 11 Grand Rooms With Antique Furniture And Four-poster Beds, Offering A Royal Experience.

Trading Website

Ipo HubesWebsite Development

A Real-time Ipo Trading Website, Developed In Custom Mvc In Php, Lets Users Check Their Ipo Allotment And Latest Status. It Also Provides A Seamless Portal For Booking Ipos, Enhancing The User Experience In The Share Market.

Custom Mvc In Php
Basic Ecommerce

Nilamber IndustryWebsite Development

Nilamber Bio's Static Ecommerce Site, Built With Wordpress And Elementor, Showcases Their Commitment To Sustainability. As Gujarat’s 15th Registered Manufacturer Of Biodegradable Products, They Offer Eco-friendly, Corn-starch-based Alternatives To Plastic, Promoting A Greener And Healthier Future.

Wordpress + Elementor
Dynamic Ecommerce

Taj Indian MasalaWebsite Development

Experience Taj Indian Masala's Dynamic Ecommerce Website. Their Handcrafted Spices Enrich Culinary Adventures. Each Product Reflects Quality Sourcing And Preservation Of Natural Flavors. Trusted By Many, Taj Reciprocates Loyalty With Unparalleled Excellence In Every Spice Blend.

Wordpress + Elementor