Digital Business Card

Digital CardIn-house Development

In Today's Modern And Digital Era, Businesses Are Rapidly Transitioning To Digital Platforms, Enabling Business Owners To Grow Faster And Smarter. Krazio Has Created A Website Where Business Owners Can Generate Free Digital Business Cards For A Lifetime. These Digital Cards Come With Over 100 Creative Themes That Users Can Change Anytime With Their Id And Password. The Digital Business Card Includes Essential Company Details Such As Name, Number, Brochure, Images, Youtube Videos, Social Media Urls, And More. To Create Your Own Digital Business Card, Visit

Data Mines

Ai Tool For Data ExtractionIn-house Development

Data Mines Is A Smart Ai Tool Designed To Fetch Text Data And Consolidate It Into Word, Excel, Or Pdf Formats. The Founder, Recognizing The Need For Efficiency After Attending Numerous Business Exhibitions And Collecting Multiple Business Cards, Developed This Tool To Prevent Valuable Information From Being Wasted. Users Can Simply Upload Bulk Images Of Business Cards, And The Tool Will Extract All The Information Into A Single Document. To Learn More, Visit